This clip is part of the answer to the World’s allegations of Israel’s “racism’ and the absurd slander that Israel is an “Apartheid” state.  As a Ghanaian Ambassador suddenly exclaimed to me in 1990 in Nairobi when I told him that Israel’s hospital waiting rooms are full of Palestinian Arab patients as well as Jews and others: “Oh, then it is not like South Africa!”  After that he ended his opposition to my efforts to fairly represent Israel’s handling of the Palestinian Arabs’ living environment in the contested areas, which we were studying for a report to the UN Environment Program, whose governing body had attacked Israel unfairly.

Be sure to watch this clip to the end, where  you see the 1948 Arab massacre of Jew3ish doctors and nurses on the road up to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus. I recall an Israeli friend of mine, Eleazar Weissbrot, recounting how he saved his mother’s life that day by telling her she was too tired and should rest, not go with the convoy, although they needed good doctors like her at the besieged hospital surrounded by the Arab Legion.  Almost all of her colleagues who went in the convoy were slain, but she lived another 30 years and passed away peacefully just outside of  the Old City walls in Jerusalem under the tender care of Catholic nursing sisters.

Israel can’t forget such attacks but chooses to overlook them in its pursuit of humanity, medical ethics and peace.


Hadassah Medical Center – a model of Co-Existence from Israel Up Close on Vimeo.