To President Barack Obama:

I, the undersigned American voter, hereby INSIST that you stop pandering to Iran.

You have stood by, Mr. President for four long years, as Iran enriches and buries its nuclear facilities inside mountains, making the possibility of destroying them with an air strike more and more remote.

We must face facts squarely, Iran's true motive in developing nuclear capabilities are:
1. Destroy Israel
2. Dominate the entire Middle East and North Africa by threat of nuclear holocaust.
3. Gain control of vast oil reserves in the region thus hold the world hostage to its demands.

If successful, there would be NO STOPPING IRAN in its quest for world domination. We would find ourselves living under ad Iranian Islamist dictatorship. Mr. President,

URGENT REPLY TO RICHARD HELLMAN at Middle East Research Center, Ltd. (MERCL)

Dear Richard,

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