photo-9Welcome to CIPAC, Christians’ Israel Public Action Campaign,

As National Outreach Coordinator of CIPAC, I am mobilizing the citizens of America that want to learn how to exercise their “OFFICIAL VOICE” in the United States. CIPAC’s mission is to have every District in every state in our Nation exercising their “OFFICIAL VOICE” on behalf of sound laws and policies pertaining to the Biblical land of Israel.


We are looking for State Directors and District Presidents to lead the way!

Upon recommendation by National Outreach Coordinator and approval by President and Founder Richard A Hellman are Directors and District presidents selected. Each leader is trained to mobilize and educate the grassroots citizens in the U.S.

Please contact me if you desire to join the “Ranks of the Righteous” and raise up your fellow U.S. citizens in your district.


  • Desire to lead your District/State with an Official Voice for Israel and America.
  • Are interested in governmental affairs from a grass roots level.
  • Are willing to educate yourself of CIPAC’s positions and are able to relay them to others.
  • Are willing to work along side other leaders especially Richard Hellman, President of CIPAC, Nat. Outreach Coordinator and fellow District Presidents to make U.S. citizens Official Voices heard in the U.S.
  • Conduct monthly meetings in your District.
  • Present pertinent breaking news to fellow CIPAC members in your District.

Empowering Your voice to be heard,

Lisa Marie Ives
CIPAC National Outreach Coordinator
Contact me at