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Richard Hellman, President of CIPAC and MERCL with his good friend U.N. Ambassador (Ret.) Yoram Ettinger who will be meeting with us during our Israel Mission (details below) to inform us on the current situation in Israel and the surrounding nations in light of the ongoing turmoil caused by the so-called      “Arab Spring.”

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To all of you who were unable to book for this year’s CIPAC/MERCL Israel Study Tour, you can follow me Richard Hellman day by day as we experience the wonders of Israel during the October 2013 CIPAC/MERCL Israel Tour. As we visit exciting venues throughout the Land of Israel I will do a daily video titled “Israel Calling.”

You can experience the journey with me via your computer or smart phone, beyond the tourist sites, among the people of All of Israel, Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, even the Temple Mount and more. Please join us HERE

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Inaugural video broadcast

Join Richard Hellman, President

Christians’ Israel Public Action Campaign (CIPAC)

as he inaugurates his brand new weekly video broadcast with the latest on Israel, U. S. Executive and Congressional actions and more on his private YouTube Channel at this link:

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Washington Bites video #5 – Our Tax Dollars are Supporting Terror. Learn more  HERE 

Washington Bites Video #4: Needed: U. S. Policy on Syria

Could the current situation in Syria grow into a regional conflict with repercussions for us here at home? Watch  HERE.

Washington Bites Video #3: Jerusalem and Washington

Do you wonder just how strong US relationship with our ally is now?  Watch here.

Washington Bites Video #2: Stop the Carnage in Syria. Learn the latest:  video






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