July 30th 2011 Tulsa Recap!!

CIPAC President Richard Hellman addresses CIPAC members and MERCL donors at the July 30th Meet in Tulsa, OK

Richard Hellman discussed many topics at the July 30th meet, particularly focusing on the “Sword of Damascus,” but covering everything from the threat of arms in the Middle East, Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad, the consequences of 650,000 Jews eviction, recent TV interviews, and reminding that as the scripture says, “those who bless Israel will be blessed themselves.” Click on the different videos below for short segments from his empowering talk, as well as Iona Gorham’s beautiful singing for the meeting, and Oklahoma State Director Terry Mosley addressing the crowd on MERCL donations.

Note: There are eight video thumbnails to the side of the video screen below. Just hit the scroll arrow next to “1/2” in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to scroll through.



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