CIPAC Member Classifications:

CIPAC Advocate Members: Enlisting Advocates who join CIPAC by paying annual membership dues of $25. Join Now by clicking the donate button on the right side of the page.
CIPAC Legislative Advocates: US citizens who send legislative alerts from www.cipaconline.org to their members of Congress, or via phone, fax or USPS mail if need be, with copies or reports to CIPAC.
CIPAC Enlisting Advocates: CIPAC Legislative Advocates who add up to six friends to each legislative alert to their members, or if need be, by phone, fax or USPS mail with copies or reports to CIPAC.
CIPAC Sustaining Members: CIPAC Advocate members who sign up for a regular monthly donation plan.
CIPAC Capitol Hill Advocates: CIPAC Sustaining Members who also venture to Washington, DC for annual Capitol Hill Advocacy Day(s).
District Organizers: CIPAC Capitol Hill Advocates who also agree to help set up and run a CIPAC Chapter in their congressional district.
CIPAC State Organizers: CIPAC District Organizers who are selected to help set up and run a CIPAC Chapter in their state.
CIPAC National Figures: State Organizers who are selected to head a CIPAC National committee or to be a member of the CIPAC Board of Directors.
The CIPAC board and officers from time to time will set out responsibilities for each class of membership, and benefits, ranging from free publications and research aids, up to increasingly meaningful, artistic and symbolic gifts plus more access to quality time and personal training with the CIPAC president, officers and board as members move up the chain.
CIPAC is a 501(c)4 non profit, tax exempt registered lobby with the U.S. government.  (membership dues and donations are NOT tax deductible)