Israel Study and Action Mission

Richard A Hellman

President and Founder of CIPAC & MERCL

Is Pleased To Announce

The MERCL August 1-11

Israel Study and Action Mission



Dear Friends,

August 1 – August 11th, 2014. You, your families and friends are cordially invited to join. At a special price of only $3,888 (from East Coast) for air, land, tips and taxes, this is the unique study and action mission of a lifetime.

As always we seek to have specific strategic aims for our missions. This time I sense that it is vital we study the lessons learned from Israel’s attempts to make peace after each war. We will be there forty years after 1974, when Israel, suffering the trauma of the recently concluded, costly Yom Kippur war, was facing the Arab powers’ rejectionism, notably the “three Noes” from the Khartoum conference, while still bedeviled by such Arab terror attacks as the Ma’a lot Massacre of children in their school in Israel’s North.

Our visit also will be two months after the 21th anniversary of the signing of the Oslo peace accords at the White House September 13, 1993, and three months after the unilateral withdrawal of all Israelis from Gaza nine years ago. Since Secretary of State John Kerry’s twin deadlines of 1. at least a skeletal Israel-Arab peace agreement after nine months ending in March, and, 2.the six month interim Iran Nuclear deal ending in July, will both will have expired, with no likely prospects of enhanced peace or security having materialized, we will be asking Israelis of all types, in official positions, think tanks and in everyday life: how’s this working for you, what do you think of US mediation with the PLO and representation of your interests in the Iran nuclear talks, and what comes next?

We also will dig down into such Israeli success stories as the raid on Entebbe in 1976 to rescue the Air France passengers from Uganda, the 1981 Israeli air raid on the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak, the 2007 Israel air raid on Syria’s nuclear facility on the bank of the Euphrates River – and – looking forward – the long rumored Israel plans to defeat Iran’s nuclear weapons capacity if, as looks likely, the US is unwilling to do it and Israel’s security requires it.

The lessons from such Israeli peace efforts and others, some with U.S. assistance, will help us refine our MERCL strategic action plan to help CIPAC maintain and advance Israeli and US security and wellbeing. Of course we will be assuring Israeli leaders and all other citizens of our solidarity and commitment to advance their interests, and especially to educate and motivate the Congress to support whatever needed security actions Israel takes to defend her national security interests, against Iran, Iran’s allies like Hezbollah and Hamas and other threats.

You will see places, hear viewpoints and do things that even most diplomats never will experience – and learn truths that most of them cannot even consider. But fear not, my friends! Our mission will not involve only war and diplomacy, like a Military Channel rerun! We also will hit the main points of most Christian and Jewish tours, as you visit biblical sites, examine the recent archaeological finds and meet Israelis of all types, led by Gabi, our experienced guide who has served us often.

Starting from seaside Tel Aviv, center of Israel’s “Wall Street/Pentagon/Silicon Valley” urban complex, we will travel South to tour the Kibbutz Negba battlefield, site of a heroic Israeli defense against Egyptian invaders in Israel’s1948 Freedom War, and the city of Sderot – emblem of the public suffering from 1000’s of rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza , since Israel evicted Jewish citizens and retreated from Gaza in 2005. Then proceed to an Israeli Air Force base, to meet commanders, talk with airmen and women, and visit the museum return late to Tel Avi hotel. Our evenings we will hear from Israeli intelligence and special operations experts.

Depart Tel Aviv early the second morning North to see high points of Samaria (Ariel, Shiloh, Ofra, Beth El & etc.), stop quickly at Caesaria and by noon reach Haifa Navy base and our old friends there, who since our last visit in 2013, performed at least one amazing “front page” anti-terror interception mission. Then head Northwest to lovely Kibbutz resort hotel to spend two nights, after visiting biblical Megiddo (Ammagedon) and Gideon’s Spring on the way.

From Tiberias in Galilee visit the Golan to see Israel Armor, visit an IDF field hospital that treats Syrian refugees, the Valley of Tears, Banias, Katzrim and Gamla (Masada of the North). After two full days at Tiberiasincluding baptism in the Jordan for those who wish, and a splendid ride on the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) in the so-called “Jesus” wooden boat and visit the museum of the original restored version for the boat, we travel on to Israel’s ancient and present day capital, Jerusalem and its predecessor Hebron.   From Jerusalem we also will visit the Dead Sea, Qumran, En Gedi and Masada. You will see such modern Israeli New Towns as Ariel and Maale Adumim in historic Judea and Samaria, as we pause for Israeli snacks along the way.

We will have an optional add-on to visit Eilat, Israel’s Red Sea resort area and on to Petra, Jordan, for a total of three added nights, all included flights and extraordinary sights, for an estimated additional cost of only $1,099.00, including taxes and tips {plus $65 cash you’ll need to make Jordan border agents happy]. See our Reservation form and itinerary for more details.

Most important: it makes a big difference with whom you go on a once in a lifetime journey like this. As Hebrew speakers steeped in the history and culture of the People and the Land, we have visited Israel often since I lived and worked there for seven years. Thus we can and will do our best to see that all your questions are answered and your personal quests are satisfied.

I believe now is the hour to connect with Israel – and real Israelis – or to reconnect if you’ve been there before. If you agree, make a quality decision to do it. Then all the details will fall in place.

 To sign up for this special offer or to ask any travel questions, call Ofra Cohen, our Israeli Sabra tour organizer, at 800-757-9604 or email her at info@galileetravel.comTo confirm your reservations you’ll have to send a $250 check to Galilee Travel, 6521 Wilmett Road, Bethesda, MD 20817-2342. For other matters, touch base with me at 202-425-4009 or

I’m looking forward to meeting you at the airport or on our arrival in Israel. Let’s make this the best Israel study and action mission ever!
Sincerely yours,

Richard A. Hellman


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