Israel Study and Action Mission Trip 2014


Richard A Hellman
President and Founder
Is Pleased To Announce
The MERCL August 1-11
Israel Study and Action Mission

 The Israeli Military: A Key Mission Focus August 1 – 11, 2014

The Israeli Military: A Key Mission Focus August 1 – 11, 2014

Please be part of our entourage this summer when we visit key Military Intel, Air Force, Special Ops, Navy and Army bases, as well as meet with high level commanders and the special men and women who carry out their directives to safeguard Israel and America’s concerns and future!  While this is a focus of our 2014 Mission, our itinerary also includes many historic, archaeological, religious and government highlights fascinating to Christians, Jews and others who will join us!

While we always seek to have specific strategic aims for our Israel missions. For this year, I sense that it is vital we study the lessons learned from Israel’s attempts to make peace after each war. We will be there forty years after 1974, when Israel, suffering the trauma of the recently concluded, costly Yom Kippur war, was facing the Arab powers’ rejectionism, notably the “three Noes” from the Khartoum conference, while still bedeviled by such Arab terror attacks as the Ma’a lot Massacre of children in their school in Israel’s North.

Our visit also will be two months after the 21th anniversary of the signing of the Oslo peace accords at the White House September 13, 1993, and three months after the unilateral withdrawal of all Israelis from Gaza nine years ago. Since Secretary of State John Kerry’s twin deadlines of 1) at least a skeletal Israel-Arab peace agreement after nine months ending in March, and, 2) the six month interim Iran Nuclear deal ending in July, will both will have expired, with no likely prospects of enhanced peace or security having materialized, we will be asking Israelis of all types, in official positions, think tanks and in everyday life: how’s this working for you, what do you think of US mediation with the PLO and representation of your interests in the Iran nuclear talks, and what comes next?

Our mission in August will not only involve war and diplomacy but also will hit the main points of most Christian and Jewish tours, including visiting biblical sites, examining recent archaeological finds and meeting Israelis of all types and religions, led by Gabi, our experienced guide who has served us on numerous missions to The Biblical land of Israel.

To sign up for this special offer or to ask any travel questions, call Ofra Cohen, our Israeli Sabra tour organizer, at 800-757-9604 or email her at To confirm your reservations you’ll have to send a $250 check to Galilee Travel, 6521 Wilmett Road, Bethesda, MD 20817-2342. For other matters, touch base with me at 202-425-4009 or 

I’m looking forward to meeting you at the airport or on our arrival in Israel. Let’s make this the best Israel study and action mission ever! 
Sincerely yours, 

Richard A. Hellman


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