CIPAC Members – Urgent and Critical:

Before you call in at 9 Monday night (5/17) tell your senators to join the forty or more have sent a letter* to President Biden that tells him to cease any more talks with Iran to reinstate the US role in the JCPOA nuclear control pact or if they’re already signed on, Thank them!

This is vital because Iran supplies – and in fact incites and even controls – the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists who rain down thousands of missiles on many cities.

Incredibly, it looks like the US and Russia are in league with this operation by Iran to damage Israel and soften up the Jewish state to weaken its opposition to a US rapprochement with Iran.

Monday’s CIPAC conference call-in was supposed to center on the usually joyful Jewish holiday of Shavuot (Weeks), which we love to celebrate. But, while we will touch on the holiday and its connection to Pentecost, we must do all we can to focus on the battle for Israel’s survival, in which we are enlisted no less than the soldiers of the IDF.


Thus, I encourage you to get to work on these critical and vital actions:

1) Exhort all your contacts to take the action laid out above to 

a) contact your senators

b) ask your US representative to start or join a similar letter to the president ASAP, 

c) tell the president to “get off the fence”, i.e., back Israel fully – and cease any further support of the Palestinian Arab terrorists who are besieging Israelis and raining down 1000’s of rockets, or encouraging them (i.e., Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the PLO/PA), and d) go to all the media to make Israel’s case and fight the lying attacks on Israel.

2) Redouble your efforts to build CIPAC by joining or renewing your membership and finding new members to the brand, and

3) Make the largest tax-free contribution to MERCL that you can or start (or increase) your monthly giving plan to grow MERCL‘s ability to support CIPAC‘s lobbying fully.

I encourage you keep on calling, emailing  and “social media-ing” your Israeli friends to encourage and cheer them.

On the frontlines with you for Israel!

Richard Hellman