Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina has long championed the cause of imposing sanctions on Hamas for the use of civilians as human shields.  He authored the bill H.R. 3542, which unanimously passed the House Foreign Affairs Committee on November 15, 2017, and went on to pass the full House on February 13th, 2018.

Congressman Joe Wilson stated: “For too long, Hamas has taken shelter and launched offensives against Israel from civilian areas, including schools, hospitals, and mosques. Their actions have knowingly and carelessly put innocent lives at risk—in clear violation of international law.

“We cannot stand by while Hamas continues to perpetrate atrocities against civilians by using them as human shields. This legislation imposes direct sanctions against any terrorist who is responsible for the use of human shields by Hamas.”

Congressman Seth Moulton stated: “The use of human shields is a clear human rights violation. This bill ensures that members of Hamas who put civilians in harm’s way are sanctioned for their actions. We have a moral obligation to hold Hamas accountable and I’m proud to support this bipartisan effort.”

CIPAC urges the Senate to take up this bill and pass it without delay, so that it can go to the President for signature.