Evil results from bad choices and onlooker disinterest; CIPAC, for 100 million US Christians, rejects anti-Jewish hate acts and words as evils that cut the Bible’s heart – love of others” said Richard A. Hellman, CIPAC CEO and founder, today.

He extended the medical axiom that we first “do no harm” to include in this case, “nor allow harm to go uncorrected” when you can speak out or act against it. This means that each of us must be alert to any stereotyping that we witness, or any other such subtle first steps to choosing evil. When you hear someone say “That’s how Jews are” regarding something they witness, don’t let it pass. Politely but firmly say “that’s an anti-Semitic statement, in case you didn’t know, and I’ll appreciate your not saying such things in future.”  Although this may seem fairly obvious to some, and unneeded in this day and age to others, I have in fact had to say this to a friend within the last 40 days. Such seemingly trivial stereotyping – positive or negative – and other derogation of Jews or others, if unstopped, create a climate that tolerates, or even incites, hateful – and sometimes horrific – anti-Semitic statements and actions, like the recent rash of threats against synagogues, desecration of Jewish cemeteries across America, and attacks on Jews in Europe.

If you and I do not do all we can today to stop the virus of anti-Semitic statements and acts that we observe, it  even may lead once again to such genocidal catastrophes as the Holocaust, in which over six million were slain through sheer hate, while billions of others looked on around the World with little or no response. And we must recall that the world’s resolve in 1945 that “Never again” would genocide be allowed, sadly and tragically did little or nothing to ameliorate, much less prevent, what we have witnessed in our age, from Cambodia to Rwanda, Darfur to Syria, to cite just some of the worst outbreaks. Now Iran’s regime freely and publicly promises to eliminate Israel and the West, with little public outcry and no response from the UN, despite the seeds of its birth in the desire to prevent such genocide in the aftermath of the Holocaust.

We must do still more to make America a premier exemplar of tolerance – or better yet of love of neighbor. We all must join in endorsing the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s call for a task force to investigate and plan to defeat the sources of this latest widespread epidemic of anti-Semitism. I envision this as the Trump Task Force to Investigate the Causes of Resurgent Anti-Semitism and Advance A Plan to Eliminate Them.

In short: Let’s elevate the dialogue, instead of politicking, posturing or pointing fingers!

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