December 8, 2016


Yesterday’s Times of Israel features the story of thousands of Grey Cranes wintering in Israel. (

This story reminds me of my environmental work to draft laws and plans for Israel, when one of our first Israel Environmental Protection Service field tours took us to the Hula valley above the Kinneret (“Sea of Galilee”) which was being restored as a wetland nature reserve for migratory birds and other wildlife, after having been largely drained for agriculture many years before, as part of an overview of the Galilee and Golan region.

It also is one of the hundreds of places that our January MERCL mission to Israel at the time of TuBishfat, the Birthday of the Trees, in the Hebrew calendar, featuring  the environment, water and energy, was unable to cover, due to time limitations. Next time!

The picture of cranes in Hula area of Israel also was in today’s Washington Post Express at page 2.